About Me

About Me

Let’s go chase your sunset!

Who are we!

Hi! Hi! Hello! My name is Shay – and I am obsessed with relationships! Seriously, I’ve been invested in them since like second grade when I was the go between for my friends and their crushes (still that today hehe).

I loved them so much I decided, “hmm I should be a marriage therapist,” and then later added, “wedding photography is freaking fun too.”

So here I am surrounded by relationships all day! I’m excited to hear about yours!

I’m married to my cute husband Tanner who you’ll meet in a sec, and together we have a dog named Lucas George (Tanner is a Star Wars fan).

Tanner here! I’m excited to become your new best friend (besides your fiancé of course)! My goal in life is to make you (and other’s) laugh. That seriously brings me so much joy!

My wife often compares me to Winnie the Pooh when she describes me to others (I would say I’m a smarter version of him). 

I enjoy socializing with friends and family, watching anything STAR WARS, jamming out to good tunes (like Panic! At the Disco), and learning about relationships. I am also a future marriage therapist!


Why I started capturing weddings?

In 2020, just a month after my 2nd wedding anniversary my sweet husband, Tanner, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. 

We were devastated, as you can imagine, our whole life we had planned together felt like it was coming crashing down. Our wedding pictures became my sanctuary for months and I cherished them dearly.

I hope NO ONE experiences a scare like this. Whether life is good or really crappy- you need to have these photos and videos to look at to remember the emotion and memories of the freaking BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

NOW Tanner and I both get to capture your wedding day, and think about our life together too!

you need to have these photos and videos to look at to remember the emotion and memories of the freaking BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE