Frequently Asked Questions

Are you kitten me!? No, I don’t like the idea of limiting beautiful images. I give back all usable images from the day!

Oh yeah baby! I love traveling to beautiful places, however I only take on a limited number per year.

2-3 weeks for engagements and bridal photos. 6-8 weeks for the wedding gallery…but lets be real, I’m probably too excited to wait and edit them. So it may be sooner!

The same applies to videos

I’ve never met someone that can’t become photogenic- seriously, I work my magic with posing and editing. You will look your best after I’m done with you!

Oh no, you don’t want to see those! They are unedited and the file sizes are freaking huge. I don’t give out my RAW files, you want the jpegs, I promise.

If you want RAW footage, that is an add on option for video.

I put on my big girl pants and I’m bossy! (Which is exactly what big groups need)

Yes! I have tiny mics that are great for that.

Yes- however, it will cost a bit more due to song licensing, and I can’t guarantee that song will be available. But I will try to find it for you!

As soon as you know you’re getting engaged and have a rough estimate for your wedding date, hit me up! I will often book weddings a year out. I get booked quickly, so the sooner the better! It makes me soo so sad when I have to turn people away.